We help public school students better prepare for their adult lives. Many students underperform in school because they don't fully appreciate the connection between taking their academics seriously and having broader and better prospects for success in their adult work lives.


It is difficult for a young person to understand their "future" as an abstract concept. Students need to understand the concrete reality of their "future" which motivates them to be the architects of their adult lives.The work of Motivate Our Students Texas is based on the principles of experiential learning. We foster parrtnerships between educators and successful business leaders in our communities. Through a program of vocational field trips and in-class speakers, we give students a better understanding of how the world really is; what behaviors, education and qualities of character are rewarded, and those that are not.If you are concerned about our students' futures, and want to share the wisdom of your lived experience, please contact us. Your contribution to MOST, in whatever form, can make a tangible difference.