Motivate Our Students Texas recruits local businesses to host student field trips to their physical places of work. We have developed a diverse portfolio of "Community Business Partners", and regularly recruit new businesses. These remarkable business leaders are passionate about introducing school age children to their field, and helping them understand what it takes to be an exemplary and successful member of their workforce.

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Too often, an unintended consequence of the classroom based teaching model is that "your future" and "the world out there" remain abstract concepts to far too many children. By systematic and repeated exposure to real world vocational environments over the course of many years, experiential learning takes hold. Not only do more children develop a concrete sense that they have a future, but they see, hear, touch and feel things in the real world that open their minds to a world of possibilities that future may hold.


Beyond the excitement of seeing different vocations being carried out, we work with our Community Business Partners to intentionally discuss the specific skills, academic accomplishments as well as the universal qualities of behavior and character needed to do well in the workplace. If you own or work for a business and would like to learn more about being a Community Business Partner, we're a click or call away.